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What is Novus?
Why novus?

Novus shoe stores have been driving customer excitement since its early beginnings in the 70's. Being the fashion leader in shoes and handbags Novus product assortments have been the love and passion of many shoe enthusiasts in Puerto Rico. Men and Women alike are attracted to novus because of its fashion conscious shoe collections at affordable prices.

The Novus way

The Novus way has always existed in the stores with regards to selling and offering the best customer service available. Customers are greeted respectfully and assisted until they are satisfied. Having our customers in mind we select and present the widest variety of the shoe styles that are happening at the moment. Our managers and salespeople are selectively chosen to reflect the love for shoes and what they stand for in terms of quality and image. As we often say: its 'o Novus o nada'? 'either Novus or nothing'.