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Spinner Ring - Black Onyx

  • Article: 1365370
  • Material: Metal
color Black
size 7
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  • The Enchanted Spinner Ring. Crafted with meticulous artistry, this ring becomes a tangible reflection of life's perpetual motion, encapsulating its whirlwind of moments, experiences, and revelations.


    As you slip the Enchanted Spinner Ring onto your finger, you are drawn into the dance of its twirling motion. With every spin, it whispers of the continuous cycle of growth, change, and renewal. As life evolves, so does this ring, an exquisite metaphor etched into its design. 


    Gaze upon the embossed eye that graces the ring, a symbol of inner sight and intuition. It serves as a reminder to look beyond the surface, to delve into the depths of your being and the world around you. The spinner ring can be stacked together or worn alone.


    Thought: “There are no words, only the movement, and the point is made.” – Unknown.

    Mindful Glamour® Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Feel life's rhythm within its motion as the spinner ring spins – a dance of growth and change. Witness the embossed eye, a symbol of inner sight, gazing back at you. Then...Go. Be it. 


    Black Onyx Spinner Ring Details:

    • Made of black resin
    • features an embossed eye on one side of the ring
    • Made of Gold plated brass
    • Size 7 
    • Slip-on style
    • Designed and handcrafted in India 
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Available in
Spinner Ring Moonstone Pink / 7